Orange Spritz Cookie Photos

A cookie press is a bit of a uni-tasker. . .okay, it really does only one thing but it is a useful thing!  I made these for a Valentine’s party (using the heart shape you see pictured above, the wreath and umbrella don’t hold up well but most of the other shapes are pretty good) a few months back and the children loved them even though they are wheat and dairy free.  The best thing is that they freeze (my husband even prefers them a little frozen) so I baked up this batch before we went to San Diego to satisfy that vacation sweet tooth I am always prone to getting.  You know, when you’re in a hotel room and all you want are cookies?  Am I the only one?

This uses palm oil shortening, which I know may be an ethical issue for some but when there’s nothing else you can eat.  I read a fantastic post about calling oneself “vegetarian” and it especially resonated with me since we would still be vegetarian if it weren’t for E’s egg and milk allergies.  Oh, here’s the post: “Vegan or Vegetarian? Choosing a Label” (it is a quick read but well written).

I made 60 cookies from the recipe, all using the snowflake shape because it is the most stable.  The little bit of orange zest is so good I always put extra in.  The difference in these with guar gum versus corn free xanthan gum is more telling on the second day but you really can make it with either so that is nice.  Speaking of guar gum, I’ve stopped using it so I have a bunch still sealed in bags if anyone who knows me “in real life” would like it.  Just let me know!

Recipe from Cybele Pascal’s Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link). 

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