Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie Photos

Can you tell chocolate and I picked up where we left off?

Yum.  E was scraping cookie dough off of the mixing paddle, I really wish they made her firework shirt in my size by the way.

What I like about cocoa powder in gluten free baking is that it covers up a little of the taste of the rice flour.  Not a bad taste to begin with but it lets you forget you’re eating an alternate version of something.  These are really crumbly but so good.  The original version of the recipe calls for chopping up Enjoy Life Foods’ chocolate bars but there are some new pre-made chunks for cookies that I managed to snag at Whole Foods.  I may have eaten a few before I put them in the dough.

It is awesome to be able to lick the spoon when making something chocolate!  I still made stuff for my husband and E during the year of no chocolate for me but it took so much concentration not to steal little tastes.  Recipe from Cybele Pascal’s Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link).  Chocolate chunks by Enjoy Life Foods.