Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Photos

Learn from my mistakes!  I have made these before and they were great, so when it came time for father’s day I knew I wanted to make them for my husband.  I thought “why don’t I put them in a springform pan instead of the regular round pan?” and did, managing to not put the pan together correctly such that when the rolls rose in the hot water bath they were flooded.  Major fail.  Use the right pan, or at least check the seal on your springform, especially if your son loves to play with it whenever he is in the kitchen.

Do you ever do this?  The first time I make a recipe I follow the instructions like a scientist, methodically measuring and mixing exactly as told.  After a few times I get comfortable and start making stupid mistakes.  I need to always re-read the recipe and make sure I’m reading the right one.  I did take photos of my failed rolls but who wants to see those?  These photos are from the next time I made the rolls, many months later.  They survived rising and baking and frosting, hooray!  I just made them again while my sister in law was visiting.  They take some time (an hour of rising, 45 minutes of baking) but are oh so lovely and worth it.  I made them Christmas morning last year, actually.

Recipe from Cybele Pascal’s Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link), of course.

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