Sing Your Life

We were in the car heading to “Mommy & Me Ballet” when I started setting the radio presets in the Pilot.  When a classical station came on, E yelled “stop!” so we left the music on to play awhile.  E’s voice reached me from the back of the car:

“Mommy, what woman write that song?”

“Boys can write songs, too, sweetie,” I cautioned.

“Daddy not know how to write songs,” she replied in a matter of fact tone.  I had to leave it at that, it seemed like it was very clear to her how things were.  If she sees someone working that is a man she’ll even ask when his mommy is coming to help him.

At any rate, the announcer came on and said it was a song by Mozart so I told E how Mozart wrote music as a little boy.  She told me she couldn’t pronounce Mozart and wanted to know his “real name.”  She didn’t think she could pronounce that either.

My favorite part of our talk was yet to come.  We traveled in silence, listening to another piece, a sonata I believe, when suddenly E said “that is a sad song.”  It caught me off guard because just from the melody she “got” the emotion of the piece.  My maternal grandfather was a concert violinist in Germany (here is a piece he performed as part of the Goebbels Trio) and I have a photo of him and his violin up in our home.  I think he and my grandmother would have liked to know E was truly listening to the music.

Max Kayser , violin 1955 Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique

As we arrived at the community center an opera played as well.  E asked the name of the singer and followed with “what’s her Daddy’s name?”  I love our chats in the car, I had to retell this one to myself in my mind so I wouldn’t forget it.  Speaking of which, E recently proclaimed “I have a lotta stories in my mind.”  She’s also started making up songs, my favorites so far include one about the itsy bitsy spider moving herself and her babies to the desert to avoid the rain and one that begins something like this:

I want to fly to the moon
and bring it back
so I can share it with Mommy

Her Auntie (my older sister) has a fantastic voice so I am curious to see what my kids are drawn to musically.  I only know some piano.

R is enamored with anything musical, too.  He will dance to the shortest musical bits on toys.  At ballet that day he woke from napping in the stroller and came to the bar to dance like everyone else.  I love seeing him make connections like that.  I tried to re-enroll him in “Rock and Roll Kids” at the community center again for next session but it was full so we’ll do Gymcats instead starting next week.  E will do the same ballet class this rotation but I will put her in a ballet class on her own in January to continue to transition her to being without me a little bit.

(Anyone want to guess at the song reference in the post title?  No googling!)