Gilcrease Orchard Pumpkin Patch

On October 1st the pumpkin patch at Gilcrease Orchard in North Las Vegas opened up and I’d seen some cute photos of friends and their kids enjoying it out there so I resolved to make the long drive over to check it out even though the Yelp reviews were not promising.  It had been raining the two days before but the morning dawned bright and cool (ended up being windy up north, though).  They are open on the weekends and Tuesdays and Thursdays so I opted for a Thursday.  Grandma was heading home that morning so it would be a good distraction for the kids.  We even ran into a bunch of people we knew so that was fun!

Here is E checking to see if the pumpkin was ready, side note about her coat, her Auntie got it from Old Navy in a 4t when she was just a baby so it used to be almost floor length on her and we’d roll the arms up.  It is very wise to buy coats a little too big, it fits just right now!  I wish they made this one in my size, it even has pink satin lining.  R wore the coat the other day when it was storming and it made me catch my breath because when he’d walk away from me I could pretend E was little all over again, wobbling around with her arms flapping about.  Maybe I will miss their babyhood.  A little.  They are just so much cooler with each month that passes, though.

I don’t like the look of the parking lot style mock patches they have here in town – just a few bales of hay and some picked pumpkins – so I was glad that this was small but the real deal.  They have other fruits and veggies you can pick and purchase but the pumpkins were all we had time to see.  I paid $4.50 for the three of them (50 cents a pound).  I also sprang for the $3 “driving on site fee.”  You could park right by the fence outside but then you’d have to trek all the way to the corner of the property for the pumpkin patch.  It was cold and I was alone with the kids so I figured I’d rather have the Pilot with me.  It was a good call though it means the pumpkins really were $7.50 plus the money for gas…ok, they were expensive pumpkins but I got great pictures!

Each pumpkin was hand selected by my little ones.  Did I mention I could just squeeze them sometimes (the children, not the pumpkins)?  They just love each other so much and that means the world to me.  The pumpkin on the upper left is a sugar pumpkin I think.  Will have to make some pumpkin bread.

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