Ode to a Car (or, Getting out of Dodge)

We gave the Dodge Intrepid to National Public Radio the other day.  Sent the title away to them and they sent someone to tow it.  I wanted to document it because this car has been through a lot with us.  We actually borrowed it from my (future) mother in law for a long road trip to Oregon after my husband took the bar exam and she gave it to us shortly thereafter.  Free car, hooray!  It was the roomiest sedan I’ve ever been in, remember those Dodge “wider is better” commercials?  Very true stuff.

I drove this car while pregnant with E, we brought her home from the hospital in it and a few days later drove up to Winnemucca with it.  Drove R home from the hospital, too.  It actually was close to death when I was pregnant with E but one last fix meant to last a few months lasted a couple years instead.  Finally it went kaput, much like all other Dodge Intrepids.  Dodge insists it is a wear and tear issue but I think if you look at the broken down cars in your town you’ll find that they are all brethren of the family Intrepid.

Changing the engine was not going to cut it and so it was time for good-byes.  The kids waved as the tow truck took the car away and I felt a few twinges of sentimental sadness creep over me.

We’re working on a post about the new car we got instead, actually a comparison of it (2011 Honda Pilot) and our other new(ish) car (2010 Subaru Outback) as they were almost the exact same price when all was said and done.  Stay tuned.

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