Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Photos


Don’t you love when the pictures tell a story?  I was trying to get some good afternoon light in the sunken living room and had these set on the coffee table in there.  So this story ended with R’s first (allergy-free) “oreo” – he looked at it, opened it, and started licking the frosting from inside.  A few days later I was having to use the rug doctor on the carpet but it was nice to see him enjoy making a mess with this yummy chocolate cookie.  The cookie halves are soft and cake like but the flavor is very much like I recall an oreo tasting.

Recipe from Cybele Pascal’s Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link).  I actually have found a new book at the library that is, with some substitutions, looking promising.  So maybe I’ll stop sounding like a broken record but if you have multiple food allergies at play, you can’t beat the Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook.  Seriously!

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