Juvenile Desert Spiny Lizard

E called me out onto the porch on the 25th of last month saying she saw a lizard on the wall so I came out to see.  Usually they are on our brick wall and I scanned along the wall outside and didn’t see anything but as I turned to go back inside there was a small spiny lizard on the inside of the screen on the screened porch.  It was just above my head so I was a little startled.  We caught him (or her) and shortly thereafter put him safely in the yard where a bird could not have an easy lunch.

I love how he cocked his head to the site to look at me.  I had to google what to call a young reptile, “baby lizard” just seemed off.  Apparently baby snakes are called “hatchlings” and between adulthood and that point they are “juveniles” so I think this little guy was a juvenile.  I’ve written previously about the desert spiny lizards in our yard here.

2 thoughts on “Juvenile Desert Spiny Lizard

  1. Fun! Were you still around when I was obsessed with being a herpetologist and used to catch lizards in my backyard? Not sure I would have made the cut if I’d gone through with it, though. I’m still a bit squeamish around all things creepy/crawly.


    1. I missed the herpetologist phase! Our cat once caught a lizard when we lived down in SoCal and when my sister investigated the lizard chomped onto her hand. Tenacious little things. I do not do well with creepy crawlies, my husband did the catching though I did catch a skink myself in the house a while back.

      Thinking of phases, I haven’t read a Star Wars book since elementary school. I remember racing through them back in the day. 🙂


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