500th Review! (and a contest) posted the 500th review on the site the other day! Go have a look, I’ll wait. . .

I can’t believe a review I wrote was chosen, it is a great series of all ages comic books/graphic novels about a vegetarian owl named Owly.  I have seen numerous copies on the shelves of our local libraries so you can check them out there or on Amazon (affiliate link).

Comics are such a part of who I am, I have probably about 1,000 comic books, most of them are issues of the Fantastic Four but there are others besides superhero comics.  I know some people call it “sequential art” but I don’t think the term “comics” is pejorative or anything.  If you are looking for a local comic book source, the BEST comic book store I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to some of the largest) is here in vegas: Alternate Reality Comics.  The proprietor, Ralph, really cares about independent and off the beaten path work and in my active comic buying days introduced me to some great ones.  He blogs over at “Ich Liebe Comics!

Without further ado, here are the details of the contest to celebrate the 2 year anniversary! – a site that reviews kids media from a veg perspective – is celebrating its 500th review with a contest.  Readers are encouraged to submit an original book review, which will be evaluated by a panel of Vegbooks judges for writing style, subject matter, and creativity.  The winner will receive three vegan-friendly kids books and Vegbooks will spotlight the winning book review on its site.

Drawing from the experience of vegetarian and vegan parents and educators, Vegbooks provides insightful reviews of children’s books and movies.  Launched in 2009 by Jessica Almy, a Washington D.C.-area vegan mom, Vegbooks has been featured on Our Hen House, Vegans on the Move, Kind Green Planet, and Super Vegan.

“I launched Vegbooks to assist parents — and aunties, uncles, teachers, godparents, and friends — in finding books and movies that affirm vegetarian and vegan values,” says Almy.  “Together we can raise children who value life, the connections between humans and other animals, and the need to protect the earth and all its inhabitants.”

To enter the contest, readers are encouraged to submit a book review of 350 words or less to by October 24, 2011 – the second anniversary of the website. The winner will receive That’s Why We Don’t Eat AnimalsGarlic- Onion- Beet- Spinach- Mango- Carrot Grapefruit Juice, and Our Farm, and the winning review will be featured on the site.  Complete rules are posted to

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