Mission Beach Photos

Another round of phone camera photos, I was going to crop these but they are kind of funny as is.  You see, when you are at the beach or pool it is a good idea to put your phone in a ziploc bag.  You can still talk on it and use it (even a touchscreen like my Droid X) but I like to take the phone out for pictures so they aren’t hazy.  So I was holding the bag and the phone, ready to slip it back in once each photo was taken but. . .well, you can see for yourself:

Another ziploc bag photobomb:

People told us not to go to Mission Beach with kids but we got a great parking spot early in the morning and the walk wasn’t long like we’d been told.  Perfect, classic beach.  We initially sat where emergency vehicles needed to be so they asked us to move when they laid the cones out for that purpose but we had a beach umbrella, a big quilt, and a chair so it wasn’t difficult to move.

We found an anemone and put it in some water for a photo but we think it was maybe dead and that was why it washed up to shore.  Very beautiful though and a good chance to talk about the wildlife in the ocean with the kids.  My mother in law watched R and E for a little so my husband and I could go into the cold water and swim.  It took a little while to adjust to the cold but it was so very nice to jump into the waves and let them carry us.  Now it is one of my all time favorite memories.  I joked that the sea was rejecting us and my husband pointed out that it is better than the alternative, which is true!

Fantastic morning.  That afternoon the power outage hit that I mentioned in my last post.  Even so, it was a great day.  I was born near the ocean (the Atlantic) and my husband was born near the Pacific and we are both drawn to the water even though after a week of humidity it is nice to get back to a dry heat in Las Vegas.