Family Friendly Activities (new page)

When my husband saw me preparing a new section on the site he asked if I was going to post about it, I am sorry if this seems like filler but I do like to mention it because it is nice to see all the ideas in one place.  Sometimes it is easy to give Las Vegas a hard time for being devoid of family friendly activities.  We’re no Portland or San Diego or even Albuquerque but if you try you will find things to do year round.  Not just play gyms either (which we do enjoy but it is a lot of money just to play with some foam inclines!).

The libraries have free events, there are beautiful parks (especially in nearby Henderson), and when the weather is cool(ish) you can just be outside in the sunshine.  You just have to make the most of where you live, make it your home and maybe the community will change.  I, for one, am giddy with excitement about seeing Wicked at the Smith Center (Tickets go on sale in February of next year for the August shows, R will be 2, E will be 4, and rain or shine I am going to drag my husband with me!  Oh, and I am going to dress up, even if it is for a matinee.).

Speaking of libraries, I have a new review up on, it is a fantastic book we discovered while on vacation in San Diego – Houndsley and Catina by James Howe and Marie-Louise Gay.  Apparently the imprint the book is under, Candlewick Sparks, has some great books that we will be checking out soon.

Books aside, home is where your friends are.  Let me just say I am overwhelmed at the kindness of our friends for supporting us as we walk to raise awareness for food allergies on October 1st (donation page here).  E and I will make some thank you cards to send to everyone that contributes on our page, thank you all so much.