Sunset Park

We rode our bikes to Sunset Park on Sunday, I think we were there 8-ish in the morning and it was sunny but not too hot, which was awesome.  The only bummer was that we were trying to ride to a particular playground area and it was entirely torn up with bulldozers.  So we moved along to a different playground area near the lake and it seemed impassable as well.

That is how we ended up in the “new” area of the park so I snapped some pictures with my cell phone.  I think it was our second or third time in this area and I am not usually a fan because it is for much older children (ages 5-8) so there are no slides and mostly just spinning devices.  Feels a little sterile to me.  That said, this time both kids had a lot of fun climbing around under the canopy.  I am most certainly not in the best shape but riding a bike to a particular destination is something I can manage even as it taxes me a little bit!

I do like the new bike and walking trails as well as how the new area has nods to the animals of Southern Nevada, I wonder if they will do something similar in the currently demolished areas of the park.  Here’s a 2010 article in the RJ about some of the improvements being made.