Traveling with Food Allergies – Part Two

So we know things are tricky, but don’t despair, you can have fun (and maybe relax a little) on a family vacation when you have food allergies added to the mix.  Here’s a sample of how I plan out meals.  Don’t start your calendar with the first day of our trip, start it with the week before.  There’s baking and cooking and freezing to be done!  Take advantage of your full kitchen strength to make large portions.  We don’t have a microwave at home but in the hotel it is handy for re-heating things.

Here are seven dinner ideas on vacation:

Refried beans and Rice – you can pack boxed rice if there is a safe one or measure rice into ziploc bags – do you have a safe canned refried bean?  pack it or pack a frozen homemade version.  You can round this meal out with some locally bought veggies.

Gravy, potatoes and veggies – I have a go to gravy recipe that I make in large batches.  You can freeze your gravy or use individual baggies with pre-measured spices along with a box of veggie broth and an onion to whip up a quick batch at the hotel.  I discovered steam fresh frozen veggies on vacation and they are really easy to microwave since I didn’t realize the room wouldn’t have an oven.

Soup! – You can freeze veggie soup and a split pea soup, they are different enough that you won’t get the food “blahs” eating soup twice in the span of a few days.  Makes a good lunch when out and about as leftovers, it doesn’t have to be hot to enjoy.

Persian Lima Bean Rice – Hear me out!  Just make this the day before you leave and load it up in a lock & lock.  It keeps well and it can be your dinner the day you arrive at your destination.

Quinoa and veggies – Use leftover quinoa to make a tabouli-like salad that you can take out with you for lunch the next day.  You can also serve the quinoa with marinara sauce but we are not eating tomatoes right now with R’s allergy.

Pasta and sauce – If you can have tomatoes, rice pasta with marinara sauce is a great idea as well.  You might be able to buy a safe sauce when you arrive if you don’t want to bring a frozen one or one from home.

Baked potatoes with fixings – if you have an oven, or I think you can microwave them as well.  The next day you can make potato salad, if you make baked potatoes the day before you leave you can have salad for lunch on the road.

Next up: Snacks and sweets!

(Part One can be found here)

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