Frozen Banana Soft Serve Recipe

So this is more of a technique than a recipe but I finally tried it and loved it.  The kids were fans as well but   I first read about this here at Shelteriffic.  I have even heard of stores serving banana soft serve recently, with mix-ins and everything.  Pretty allergy friendly unless you have a banana allergy.

Pretty simple!


Food processor or blender


Any amount of bananas you’d like, sliced and frozen until solid


Put the frozen banana slices in the food processor and process until smooth.  I think I did it with two or three bananas total.  The texture is great but it tastes very like mushy bananas as it warms up so eat it cold right away.  It keeps okay in the freezer but you lose the soft serve texture.

Serve it alone or with another treat like gluten free vegan apple pie.

Another single ingredient frozen treat I love is to put orange juice in a cup and freeze it until solid.  Leave it out a little or start scraping at it right away and it will settle into a lovely slushy texture.  The kids see me with my frozen orange juice and want to share every time.