Food Find – Earth Balance Soy Free Vegan Mayo

Sometimes I give up checking labels, I just think to myself that it is not worth seeing if something is safe when so often it isn’t and it is easier not to get my hopes up.  This was a happy accident, look at those ingredients: canola oil, water, brown rice syrup, apple cider vinegar (not a grape based vinegar finally, yay!), pea protein (I know some peanut allergic people can’t have this but we’ve been fine), salt, mustard flour, and lemon juice concentrate.

So far I have used this soy free, wheat free, nut free, corn free vegan mayo for potato salad, cole slaw, and a tartar sauce.  So nice to have a new flavor in the mix though I know you can make this at home with a food processor I think I just don’t drizzle the oil in slow enough to make it work for me.

I found it at Whole Foods and it is great to support new products like this!

5 thoughts on “Food Find – Earth Balance Soy Free Vegan Mayo

  1. We just bought this spread for the first time. I’m not crazy about mayo, but my husband Jeff tried it out on a sandwich and said it was tastier than Veganaise. And I like that there’s an organic version.


    1. It really is better than “regular” mayo, I see it more like a dressing base. A little goes a long way as well. I heard earth balance is making a coconut based margerine that sounds great, I am glad they are being creative!


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