Reusable Tissue Box Toy

Does your baby love to pull tissues out of boxes?  I got this idea from Elizabeth in the comments to my post about giving gifts.  I was thinking I’d give R a tissue box and she suggested a craft where you use cloth squares cut with pinking shears (so they won’t fray) and putting them in a tissue box.  I decided to put them in an old wipes box, you have to fold each square of cloth into one another so each one pulls the one behind it out.  I used another friend’s pinking shears because they were pricey just for this one project and a flannel fat quarter of cloth my mother in law had purchased.  In the picture E is showing off how the box works.  R really has enjoyed it, as has E.

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9 thoughts on “Reusable Tissue Box Toy

  1. I did something similar for the exact same reason – another fun thing to do was make one LONG strip to pull and pull and pull… It added a little variety, I think, so it really held her interest. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment Alicia and best of luck with your new business! (I don’t usually let advertising through my comment filter but I know it is hard to start out.)


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