Blueberry Boy Bait Photos

A funny story about this dish:  I had mentioned bringing it to a book club meeting and my friend was excited to try it.  Well, it ended up not being a great batch (I tried to bake two in the same oven, the photos are from the previous time I made it) so I texted her to tell her we were on our way but “without the boy bait.”  Sure enough, I had her number wrong in my phone so I quickly received a response along the lines of “Who is this?!”  I apologized for the wrong number and clarified that “boy bait” is a type of cake.  Just in case they thought something illicit was going on.  Oops.

A great recipe from Cybele Pascal’s Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook (amazon affiliate link) – it is buttery and moist, has a lot of sugar which makes for yummy blueberry goodness.  Just be sure not to call it “boy bait” to the uninitiated, especially in Las Vegas.