“Mama, Look, They’re at the Splash Pad!”

The following was hanging up at the doctor’s office, I had to snap a picture with my cellphone when E remarked that the people in the picture were at the splash pad, I think it has to do with Las Vegas’ shortage of beachfront:

It just made me smile.

Another thing that made me smile yesterday was chasing R down the hall repeatedly as he raced for E’s bedroom to try to wake her up from her nap.  I managed to get some of it on tape so they can laugh about it when they are older.

It was a nice start to the last quarter of the year.  I can’t wait for it to get cooler.  The holidays are around the corner and I am working hard on the kids’ halloween costumes (Luke and Leia from the medal scene in Star Wars: A New Hope, totally E’s idea).

2 thoughts on ““Mama, Look, They’re at the Splash Pad!”

  1. Today was the first “cool morning.” I of course say that in relative terms. But there’s always a first “warm morning” before Summer and a first “cool morning” before Fall.

    Today was that day. I stepped out this morning and my first thought was that the air felt cool.


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