Windmill Library Photos

So here are some overdue pictures (taken with my cellphone) to go with my post about seeing the Fratello Marionettes at Windmill Library!  There was a neat art gallery set up, I love that the libraries here try to feature local artists.

Everything was repurposed.

Can you see the fly swatter outlines in these peacock feathers?

Or the rollers and pans in this little frog?

It was the last day of the exhibition, the artist is listed as Dave Thompson.   We all really enjoyed looking at everything.

The entry area.

What struck me about the new library is how bright and open it feels.  Very busy, they even give out tickets for story time and if you miss getting into the designated room they hold a separate story time just outside.  We did the storytime outside the room and the librarian was engaging and funny.  The kids loved it.  Another great storytime we’ve done recently was at Whitney Library which I mention because I will forever mix up the names of the Windmill and Whitney Libraries.  Simply because they both start with W.  I think I could use more sleep before it will become clearer in my mind, then again, I mix up the streets Windmill and Wigwam perpetually and that started before I even had kids.