Summer Water Activities

We have been trying to enjoy the heat and were doing pretty good until about the start of August which is the norm for Las Vegas.  Here are some photos of where we’ve been.  Above is the Black Mountain Activity Pool in Henderson, it has a zero depth entry that is awesome when you have little babies that just want a little bit of splashing.  Some neat slides in the distance as well.  I like best the grassy areas where you can picnic and have a little shade from the trees.

Above is the Mission Hills Splash Pad in Henderson, it is really big and gated/fenced in which is great if you want to set up in a shady spot and have your kids run around through the different water features.  It is a long drive for us but it is worth it for E to meet up with some of her friends!

Here is the Whitney Ranch Activity Pool, it also has a zero depth entry and I like it better than Black Mountain (despite a lack of grass) because the play structure in the middle captured the fancy of R, he loved crawling up the stairs and looking out at the water.  It is smaller than Black Mountain but when you have tiny ones you don’t really venture into most of the areas.  This one is closer to us as well which is nice.  We tried to take a swim class this summer but I guess the kids are still both too young to follow instructions too well in the pool.  Someone remind me of this next summer when I start contemplating classes again: no swim classes!

The best thing about the splash pads over the pools is that the pools don’t open until 11am and that to me means it is too hot and sunny at the outset to make much sense.  With the splash pads you can go as early as you like (sort of – I saw a sign at Mission Hills saying the water starts at 9am but there is a playground if you are there too early) and be inside before the real sun hits.

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