Legoland California

I guess I already covered most of everything in the last post about Legoland but here are a few more photos.  E loved this Polar Bear, it moved on a sensor trigger and other kids were scared of it but she thought it was neat.

Giant minifig sculpture, E wanted to try on her hat.  We went through this area a few times.  It ended in a gift shop but I never mind that at Legoland for some reason and E is great about not wanting everything she sees.

Here are two shots of Duplo Village.  We started with the ferry and I think the kids liked it but I would start with Duplo Village next time, they could have stayed there for much longer if it hadn’t been near the end of our time at the park.

That is our stroller on the left, we had to pack some Rice Vegan “Cheese” on Rice Bread sandwiches with some chips and mustard so aside from the diaper bag, my purse, and water, we had to carry a picnic bag.  It worked out wonderfully, I remember in years gone by the food at the park, especially the apple fries, was great.  They have signs signalling gluten free options so if that is your only restriction it is nice to know you can eat at the park.  There are vegetarian options too, I think.

There’s a Costco really near to the park if checking out local Costco locations is your thing.  I didn’t get to go in because R was napping in the car by that point.  He napped on the way to the park and it opens a little later than the Aquarium that is adjacent but we just waited for the main park to open.  They have a water park there as well but it requires a separate entry fee as well.


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