Star Wars Miniland, Legoland California Pictures

We took this vacation totally out of the blue, so once we got to San Diego we pondered where to go.  We already had a trip scheduled for later and were going to take grandma with us so we didn’t want to do the Zoo or places we’d go then.  My husband asked what I thought would be good and as Star Wars Miniland had just debuted at Legoland it was an easy question to answer!  I love lego, plain and simple.  Love love love.  Star Wars (the original trilogy) as well.  This was my fourth trip to legoland, my husband’s second, and the kids’ first.  I have some other photos but here are the photos from the Star Wars Miniland at Legoland, it was hard to pick just a few!

I will mention here that there was a mom’s area in the park that had private breastfeeding and changing areas.  Very cool.  Major props to them for having that.  There is a rocking chair plus little chairs in case you have other kids with you and it is in a curtained area of which there are several.  The ticket price had gone up a LOT over the last few years and we (sadly) later learned Legoland isn’t run by Lego as they sold it a few years back.  Which explains the overpriced sets and not being able to use your lego VIP card in stores.  So skip buying any merchandise if you can help it.  We did get E a Princess Leia keychain and R a little green man (from Toy Story) one.

Anyway, I love how in Miniland they don’t use minifigs, they actually make the characters out of little lego bricks.  The classic Miniland is next to the Star Wars one but we bee-lined it to the Star Wars area in case the kids lost patience.  They didn’t, though, yay!  Do you see Luke hanging from the ice and the Wampa on the other side?

Here’s another scene from Empire Strikes Back, Luke is hanging from the AT-AT in the middle.

Echo Base

Another view of Echo Base

AT-ST from Return of the Jedi, the trees are real.


Vader landing on Yavin.

Mos Eisley

Ewok Village, more real trees!

Classic scene, Leia & co. have their arms up.

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