One Year

Happy Birthday to my son!  He is 1 year old today.  Wow, what a year (with 3 months of colic thrown in for good measure).  I write a letter to the kids on their respective birthdays in individual journals.  I am not sure if they’ll want to read them before they’re adults so I go back and forth between giving the books to them on some milestone birthday (18?) or just making it something ongoing.

Anyway, R’s favorite things to do are climb into the dishwasher (and onto the fireplace, up slides, up stairs outside, seeing a pattern here?), look at birds, wake his sister up and play with her, play with baby dolls, eat apples, try to talk (he really is a chatterbox with so many words already), stand, and scoot (he started walking a week ago, just a few steps but that counts!).  He loves to play catch and push things around the house.  Vacuum cleaners are his absolute favorite thing, which is good since I keep using it to clean up the bits of things he will invariably try to shove in his mouth.  He smiles with his whole body, I can usually tell he is smiling even if I can’t see his face.  He’s independent and will leave the room if you’re not being interesting enough, it is too cute.  He gives wonderful kisses and if the right song is playing (or you are just clapping your hands) he will sway and dance.  Music is certainly going to play a part in his future.  Pretend sneezing dissolves him into a fit of giggles.  He just cracks me up.

He still wakes up at night 6-8 times most of the time but knowing that it will resolve in the next year or so helps.  That is the thing with subsequent kids, it gives you perspective to know things get better and better.  Once he weans I am guessing sleep will improve like it did with E (though not without a lot of effort and adjustment).  I am not great with newborns, I sort of just survive so knowing that baby and toddler years are ahead will always make me cheer up.  Plus, he is letting me use the stroller to get him to sleep instead of having me always carry him so that is a nice break.

I took E to the Build a Bear Workshop and she made R a stuffed toy, I hope in the future they will really make and plan one anothers’ gifts but for now she had a blast and I think he will like it.  She named it after him.

I love you, sweet baby boy.  The gleam in your eyes when you are plotting mischief, the way you rest your head on my shoulder as you fall asleep.  The proud grin as you walk towards me.  You’re such a cool little person already, I can’t wait to see what is next.

7 thoughts on “One Year

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! We are currently awash in yellow crepe paper decorations. Off to get balloons now! E keeps saying it is her birthday too, so I made a birthday countdown paper chain for her. 🙂


  1. You made me tear up and cry. Such a beautiful portrait of an already blossoming person and personality. I cannot wait to see and get to know more about who R really is. Lovely.


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