Allergen-Free Graham Cracker Photos

These turned out so very good.  R liked crumbling them instead of eating them but i think he just grips food really hard.  They are delicious, I may have eaten most of them and I was never a fan of regular graham crackers!  I love the shot above, I held the camera way above my head to get it.

From the Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook by Cybele Pascal (amazon affiliate link).  Looks like I may end up photographing most of the recipes from the book, kind of a fun challenge, right?  Here they are about to go into the oven after being scored with a pizza cutter.

A quick recipe, too, they just need 20 minutes to chill in the freezer before they go into the oven, for some reason I’d procrastinated on trying this because I thought they needed longer in the freezer (that is why I haven’t tried the cut out cookie recipe yet, actually, so that may be what I mixed them up with).

You’ll want them to cool a little before breaking them on the score lines or they won’t have clean breaks.  Not that they have to be pretty to be delicious.



4 thoughts on “Allergen-Free Graham Cracker Photos

  1. You’re very ambitious! After trying to make crackers (any kind) a few times, I kind of washed my hands of the whole endeavor. Too much work for too little payoff, plus I found it very difficult to get the right texture without burning. Yours look great though!


    1. This is certainly something I’d snap up in a store bought version, it is a lot of work (plus messy dishes) considering that you get only a handful of crackers out of it. That said, I have to make these for you guys because they are really yummy. 🙂 Good point about texture vs. burning, I have been having that problem trying to get other kinds of crackers crispy without making them taste like the bottom of a grill!


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