Review – One Red Apple

This one was so good I had to write a review for it right away.  I first heard about “One Red Apple” at No Time for Flashcards (which, by the way, is a GREAT site for ideas on learning activities for even the youngest kids, I found it via a mommy message board for other August 2008 moms and though the board fizzled out I still happily follow this blog) and added it to my “to check out from the library” list that I keep on amazon.  I for some reason didn’t get around to requesting it for months since the post is dated October 2010, oops!  The new library mobile site is so easy to use that I have been gradually working my way through my “to reserve” list.

It is a lovely book.  Here’s my review.  One I am seriously tempted to add to our library or at least include in the mix when I give baby shower gifts.

I like to give books because they were some of the favorite gifts I received.  When you are alone with a newborn that isn’t being too interactive it is a great comfort to read aloud to them.  I remember running out of things to say aside from narrating my day so a variety of good books helps.  One that tears me up every time is “Someday” by Alison McGhee and Peter H. Reynolds (amazon affiliate link), it is about a mother’s wishes for her daughter.  My sister in law and mother in law gave it to me in a box of books that were for a variety of ages/stages.  E still likes to have us read it to her.