Is anyone else using Pinterest?  I am a huge fan already, it is an awesome way to organize inspiration.  I usually “star” things in my RSS reader (Google Reader) and think “I really should try that” but then things languish there.  Pinterest lets you create categories for images and ideas (preserving not only the link but the line of reference, like if you saw something on someone else’s page and “pinned it” then you’d be able to credit them later on).  The best part is that you can find people with similar interests and follow their boards.

So you could make a board for crafts you’d like to try with your children or clothes and color combinations that you are drawn to.  Seeing the latter on a board will really give you an idea of your own personal style (aspirational for me but maybe I’ll keep things in mind next time I’m shopping).  I am just starting but here are my boards, feel free to share yours in the comments so we can share!  You get emails when people “pin” your shared items which is fun because it gives you people to check out and see if they have similar interests.  One individual pinned a poster I liked featuring a boy and a girl looking at the moon and sure enough she had some great brother/sister art on her boards.

Here are some awesome things I’ve got on my boards right now:

Halloween Treat Bags using tissue paper and floral tape — Totally making these this year!!!  From Martha Stewart.Com originally, via theboerwar on Pinterest.

Big Sister Reading to Little Brother — Sold out on etsy but I just think it is a beautiful illustration, via Lisa Nunn on Pinterest.

Portabello Mushroom Burgers — These look delicious, they have grilled peaches on them too

A Play Map of Your Neighborhood — A great way to teach your child about the streets around them

Oh, and it is an “invitation only” site but that just means signing up and waiting for an invite.  They tie the account to your twitter or facebook account so I suggest starting a twitter account and then using that since facebook has very wibbly privacy standards.

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