Allergen Free Apple Pie Photos

Yup, another one from the Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook by Cybele Pascal (amazon affiliate link).  Well, in part.  My mom suggested we give this a go when she was visiting, the crust is from a blueberry pie recipe in the book and the filling is just how my mom makes apple filling for German apple cake.  I didn’t have the sweet brown rice flour so I substituted millet flour and then added some extra liquid when the dough wasn’t coming together the way I liked.  We did strips on the top but a classic crust on the bottom.  Out of the oven it was good but the next two days it got better and better!  The crust was perfect on the second and third days.  I used braeburn apples, in the past when I still baked with wheat I had luck with jonagolds though my sister sweats by using macintosh apples.  You need them to be a little firmer and tarter than your usual red delicious.

For the filling you blanche (heat a little on the stove, once it starts bubbling take it off and drain the apples) the apples in some lemon and sugar.  We took the pie out 10 minutes earlier than the blueberry pie recipe called for but we could have taken it out another 10 minutes sooner than that, I think.

Delicious, as you can see by my inability to get a picture before it was half gone.

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