Harvesting Our Carrots

One of my husband’s co-workers grows carrots so I thought they were worth a shot.  I let E plant them so out of the countless seeds that went into the ground we had maybe 15 little carrots pop up and we had to weed out a few to give the remaining ones room to grow.  I wasn’t sure when they’d be ready but one day (in mid June) I saw a little bit of orange peeking out and thought I’d pick them before it became too hot.

They were crispy and tasty and just a lot of fun.  I think we will try radishes as well next year.  I believe so many didn’t grow because we didn’t plant them in shallow enough holes so I need to take a ruler outside with me at planting time because I just don’t have very good spacial skills.

I think they’re so cute, I love the tall green tops.  I fried the carrots sliced up in a wild rice and cabbage stir fry so they got a little lost but it was fun to know we had grown them.




4 thoughts on “Harvesting Our Carrots

  1. Good for you! I could never get carrots to work for me. Well, I did but they never tasted very good. Maybe I should give them another shot. Radishes on the other hand are the easiest things ever!


  2. How cool! I love how your carrots turned out. They’re so cute! When did you plant them?

    Not having the ability to grow a garden is one of the things I dislike about living in an apartment. Although I could probably turn my balcony into a little container garden but it faces north so it doesn’t get much sun 😦


    1. Thanks! Early March, I think. I like trying to garden, there is a book you may like called “You Grow Girl” that features apartment gardening. I imagine you plant early in TX much like NV…


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