On Birthdays

The 4th of July was fun for both the kids.  E really latched onto the idea that it was “America’s Birthday” and even asked me if the country “was a big girl now” which I thought was pretty adorable.  She kept saying she was so excited and once the fireworks started she told me “America’s birthday is here!  America is a big girl!”  Next month we have R’s 1st birthday and E’s 3rd so she has birthdays on the brain.  Plus, there is my husband’s birthday first!

The fireworks behind our house did not disappoint this year, they went on for over an hour and we just sat on the lawn to watch them.  I keep thinking we should invite people over to watch them but then that commits one to being awake at that time.  R was a little hesitant about the noise but he just snuggled close to me which is funny considering he never snuggles with me.  He nursed while watching the fireworks and when he was done he was cheered considerably.  He waved his arms and yelled out for a while until he became quiet and snuggly again.  We ate some Vegan Rice Cream (just rice milk, vanilla, and sugar) we’d saved from Atomic #7 as we sat on a sleeping bag outside and finally gave the kids their bath almost at 10pm.  We didn’t swim on the 4th (relevant as evening swimming counts as a bath, right?) because the day before there had been the weirdest and most violent rainstorm I’d seen in all my years in Las Vegas.  The rain came down in sheets!  So the little pool we have was filled with rain water.

My Mom left at lunchtime on the 4th (she was visiting for the weekend) which was sad but it was nice to see her for the weekend and she has given me new cooking ideas, yay!

So back to the subject of birthdays, I want to wish my husband a happy one and thank him for being awesome.  He is not one for birthday fanfare but what better day to thank him for being mine (and vice versa)?  I love you!