Gluten-Free Flour Tortilla Photos

This recipe for Gluten-Free Flour Tortillas is one of my standbys, my mother in law makes a yummy quicker tortilla but these freeze well (though we rarely have leftovers).  As E has a corn allergy we can’t have corn tortillas (the last time we challenged her on corn we tried a tortilla and she got a rash on her face) and tortillas in the stores use corn derived xanthan gum which usually nixes most wheat free packaged food options.

These aren’t as pretty as the photo on the recipe page but I don’t mind a weird shape so I don’t cut the edges off to make them perfect circles.  We eat these with rice and refried beans.  I am missing salsa big time but a little lime helps.  I am used to limiting my diet but tomatoes were truly a mainstay for me before R’s suspected tomato allergy.  I’m probably snacking less without salsa to eat with chips, I’ve never been a big fan of plain chips so the limitation will be good for my waistline.


These are soft and delicious, my sister in law has a wheat allergy and she really enjoys being able to have these as well.  So this recipe is a keeper!

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