Catching Up

I love scheduled posting because sometimes I find a few minutes and can put together blog posts and other days I just never get to the computer and am only able to keep up via my phone.  The downside is that I have periods of time where lots of neat stuff happens and I want to write about each things properly but I forget things that way since I don’t hit “publish” right away.

So, here’s what I’ve been working on (snippets and drafts and photos here and there):

– a post about some of our summer activities like swimming and visiting the splash pad (I never knew about the great pools in Henderson before some friends introduced me, for example)

– a post about my failed Father’s Day baking (I used a springform pan and it didn’t seal so when I put a yeasted gluten free cinnamon roll recipe together and left it in a water bath to rise. . .um. . .yeah, not so good)

– a post about our spontaneous weekend in San Diego (Legoland, the beach, the hotel, and most of all, traveling with most of my kitchen and pantry so I could cook our meals while we were there — we filled a table miter saw box full of food and put E’s mattress in the car’s skybox, among other things)

– the carrots we grew

– caterpillars in the front yard

– fun with spray bottles

– visiting Windmill Library and seeing a marionette show (preview here)

– a post about the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay (when we get over there finally it will be R’s first time there and E’s second)

– some more recipes (not using tomatoes is hard so I have some ones I photographed but hadn’t posted yet and am working on new things without tomatoes)

– updates about the kids and how different they are

– a post about a great blog post I read regarding the depiction of women in films, especially kid’s movies (I think this is relevant for girls AND boys because even the occasional movie has an impact)

– some more reviews (I’ve got to get to work on those, one of them will be about an allergy-specific children’s book)

– another master bedroom re-do post (Blinds!  Well, sort of.  Long story.)

– more food finds

– book reviews (my brother gave me his old Kindle and I downloaded my first book, Tina Fey’s Bossypants, so I have been reading it on my phone and on the kindle)

– some more thoughts about cooking and eating this way, a friend asked for some pointers on cutting back on over-processed food and I wanted to gather some of my favorite resources into a post for her

R and E have been trying to get my attention the whole time I’ve been writing so I have to run but I wanted to write all this out while I was thinking about it!  I also have to get to work on E’s 3rd and R’s 1st birthdays in August and my husband’s birthday in July.  We’re a good kind of busy which I think is indicative of all the fun you can have in and around Vegas even when it seems just too hot to do anything.  I don’t want to miss sharing anything because it will make a nice planning guide for us for next summer!

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    1. I guess the downside of finally putting them all on a list is now I have to deliver on them. 🙂 I had trouble finding a definitive indication of which beaches were good for little kids so I am eager to share the ones we went to in San Diego – I really like the idea of contributing to the “hive mind” of the internet!


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