Trader Joe’s Lentil Chips – New Find

I get giddy when I read the label of a new product and it looks like something we can safely have.  I love potato chips but often the oils they’re cooked in aren’t safe so we have only one or two safe non-homemade versions in our house.  We get a little tired of them and the other day I saw these lentil chips at Trader Joe’s and was happy to see they didn’t have any of the usual suspects like wheat or corn.  I took a picture of the package in case anyone else is curious about them, the ingredients should be readable.  Of course, you should always consider your particular circumstances and what has been safe for you.  Also, read an re-read the ingredients because companies like to change things up.  I have heard that there may be cross contact issues with TJ’s products but I avoid most of the products that share equipment with tree nuts and make a judgment call on the rest.

Re-reading the above it makes shopping sound exhausting!  Which it is, in a way, but now that we’re almost a year and a half into this way of eating and living it has become second nature.  Sometimes I learn after the fact that something is really a corn derivative (maltodextrin often is, though on this label it is listed as a tapioca derivative!) but, again, I do my best.

Almost forgot to mention, these are quite good!  They have a soft crunch to them and are quite spicy but E doesn’t mind that.  They tame a little when you eat them with bean dip.

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