Desert Spiny Lizards

When we first moved to this house we were pleased that there was a lot of wildlife to enjoy.  Among them were several lizards that liked to climb to the top of our brick walls and do what looked like push-ups in the sun (to attract mates, I think).  Sometimes two or three of them will be doing it in a row.  We discovered that they were the Desert Spiny Lizard or Sceloporus magister.  This guy pictured here let me come pretty close before scampering off, they are bold creatures I’ve found.

E loves to spy them and pretend to do push-ups like them.  In fact, before she really talked she’d mime their push-ups to represent any lizard.  A funny thing is that when R is excited and in a crawling position he kind of does these same push-ups.  I guess I wanted to share a little about them because they are so neat and I don’t want to forget how they make our yard their home.  You can see them at the Springs Preserve but last time we were there their exhibit was empty, I hope they have brought them back!  Oh, and the other day a large one got caught in our compost box (we are using a large old furniture box to contain the compost) and my husband made a little ramp with a piece of wood to let him climb out.  I love cats but I scare them from our yard now to protect these amazing creatures.

R’s favorite in the yard right now is this bird that comes looking for bugs in the evenings.  The kids are usually in the pool and when he spies the bird he throws his arms up and yells excitedly.  I am going to try to remember to take a picture of his feathered friend.

3 thoughts on “Desert Spiny Lizards

  1. How wonderful for your kids that you have so much wildlife in your yard! Our old house had many lizards and birds as well. The lizards lived in groups in our irrigation box. We’ve seen quail and chipmunks at our new house, but not all that often. Fortunately, the path right behind our neighborhood borders some open desert and we get to see lots of wildlife there.


    1. When the weather is better in the fall we’ll have to do some walking around your neighborhood, I didn’t know you had some open desert back there!


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