Review – The Book About Moomin, Mymble, and Little My

Right about when I first signed up on Twitter, @vegbooks started following my feed (you get e-mails when someone subscribes to posts by your username) so naturally I checked out their site and it had a great premise – reviews of books and movies for vegetarian and vegan parents with a mind to the messages about animal ethics.  So when a call went out a while ago for potential reviewers, I thought I’d see if they would like me to contribute and, well, here’s a link to my first review on the site!

The Book About Moomin, Mymble, and Little My

I will add that E is obsessed with Little My, she always asks me to tell her stories about Little My so I just make them up.  Usually the story involves E and Little My going to the store to buy berries or Little My eating the tomatoes in E’s garden.  She got a huge grin when I told her a story about Little My demanding particular cookies at E’s birthday.  My cousin gave the kids the cutest stuffed animals of Moomintroll and Snork Maiden, I’ll have to take a picture of them at some point.

I reviewed two Moomin board books on Amazon, I can’t get enough of these cute stories, (image links are amazon affiliate links) I have a few more still to do as I like to post Amazon reviews when there are none currently:

 Moomin’s little book of Numbers – I really enjoyed the story of Moomin, Mymble, and Little My that my cousin sent to us from Finland for my son and daughter. Having since read some of the other Moomin books I am a big fan now. The stories and characters are charming and unique.

Construction: This is a nice, heavy board book. The pages are thick and shiny. My 9 month old likes to hold it but my 2 3/4 year old loves the pictures.

“Story:” Here are the numbers you’ll find in here, I wondered about how far it went and what represented each so I will describe the pages a little below…each two page spread has two numbers represented except for 9, 10, and the last page:

1: One Moomin (he’s hugging a tree)
2: Two Trees
3: Three Umbrellas (Moominmamma and the Snork Maiden are under two of them)
4: Four Clouds
5: Five Butterflies (above Moomintroll)
6: Six Flowers (two in the Snork Maiden’s hair)
7: Seven Boats
8: Eight Shells (Moominmamma is picking them up)
9: Nine Fish (Moomintroll is fishing)
10: Ten Birds (Moomintroll is picking flowers and the birds are overhead)
Lots and Lots of stars (my favorite page, it has Moomin and the Snork Maiden hugging on a bench under a night sky full of stars)

I think the last page is a nice touch. The colors are lovely and even if you have never read the other stories the characters are cute.

 Moomin’s little book of Words – I enjoyed Moomin’s Little Book of Numbers so much that I purchased this one as well. It has the same great construction and thick pages. The colors inside are similar to the ones used on the cover and each two page spread features a word on the left with the specific item it references above it and on the opposite page you see Moomintroll (also check out The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My and Comet in Moominland (Moomintrolls) if you want to get a good introduction to the world of the Moomins. interacting with it in some way. I have quite a few word books and I really like the reinforcement here with the item featured twice. My almost 3 year old daughter is able to “read” this book to my almost 1 year old son, I think helped in part by the format of the pages.

As I am always curious about the words chosen in these types of books, here’s the breakdown, the colors might be useful for practicing colors:

Apple (red on a green page) – Moomintroll is climbing a ladder to pick apples from a tree
Cup (blue on a red page) – Moomintroll is drinking a mug of tea
Flower (pink on a yellow page) – Moomintroll dancing in a field of flowers
Shell (yellow on a blue page) – Moomintroll is looking at shells on the beach
Paint (blue on an orange page) – Moomintroll is painting a wall blue
Book (green on a pink page) – Moomintroll reading a book (I posted a picture of this page)
Moon (yellow on a purple page) – Moomintroll in bed looking out the window at the moon

Both of the Moomin board books end with a night time scene which is good when you’re reading these at bedtime. They are simple and cute and though I know it is suggested that babies prefer, and benefit greater from, books with photos I think that it is fun to include some imagination and charming artwork in the mix as well!

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