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These photos are from a recipe that, with the falafel recipe, makes The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook by Cybele Pascal (amazon affiliate link) worth the price of admission.  The book sadly features recipe upon recipe that use meat and the baking recipes I have yet to try because they use oat flour and I will have to figure out some substitutions.  All that said, this recipe in particular is labor intensive and cooking time intensive (almost 2 hours in the oven!) but it is delicious.  I didn’t get any photos after I had them out of the oven for some reason but you can still see how yummy they are in these photos.  I leave out the currants/raisins, put a little more garbanzo beans and a little less brown rice, and use agave nectar instead of honey but otherwise the recipe is pretty much as-is.  It is on pages 136-137 of the book.

As a little girl stuffed German cabbage was my favorite dish that my mom made.  Is that weird?  I also liked burgers and pizza like average kids in the US but I always loved stuffed cabbages!  These vegetarian ones are different but just as good.

Here they are almost ready to be covered and go into the oven. . .

Next time I may forgo the whole stuffing process and just make the whole mixture and bake it because my husband likes the filling (which has chopped cabbage) more than the cabbage leaves when they are intact.  I would be able to make it more often if I didn’t have to spend too much time prepping it!

(I bought more cabbage to make this again but it is pretty tomato-centric so I’m not sure I will do it again for a while).

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  1. Sometimes I make stuffed cabbage casserole. I steam the cabbage first, then layer the cabbage with the filling in a casserole dish, top with sauce and bake. It’s yummy, pretty much tastes the same, and my husband loves it! I’m sure you could try it with this recipe.


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