Fresh Tomato Sauce Photos

With my big batch of fresh tomatoes I decided it was time to try making sauce from scratch.  Little did I know that 4 pounds of tomatoes would turn into such a compact amount of sauce!  Not really enough for rice pasta but I was able to use it for a wheat free pizza and I will have to share photos and details about that later.

The recipe I used was from one of my favorite blogs to read (even though most things I can not longer make with our allergy restrictions), Smitten Kitchen.  The photos are beautiful and it is a joy to read the recipes.  Here is the link to the Fresh Tomato Sauce recipe that I was working with.

I had never cooked a tomato this way, you make an “x” at the base with your knife and boil it for 30 seconds or so and shock it in ice water.  Then you can easily peel it.  Below you can see a bunch of them all at once, I started doing them one at a time but it was too slow considering I had not a lot of time to spare.

E liked peeling a few of them…

Here are a bunch ready to be seeded!

The parts I wasn’t using fascinated me, I guess I felt like I was doing some real cooking and it made me appreciate my ready made options that much more.

The juice left over after seeding, you half the tomatos and squeeze the seeds out over a sieve that is resting on a bowl.  We used the juice to make a quick tomato soup a few days later and it was really yummy.  I also used a bit of it in my salsa recipe.

The seeds in the sieve are pictured below, I wanted to try something with them but ended up putting them in the compost bucket.

Here is the shredded onion, carrot, and celery per the recipe.

The tomatoes after chopping them roughly, I see a few seeds made it through but I really got most of them!

The sauce cooking.  I didn’t get it as smooth as the one pictured at Smitten Kitchen but it tasted lovely.  It was bright somehow and very simple but very good.  I resisted adding spices to it and kept it simple and I’m glad I did though I did throw some fresh basil in when it came time to put it on pizza.

So, I’d use this recipe again but make a bigger batch when the kids are older and I have more time to spare.  I am glad I had the experience.  One thing our circumstances have offered me is the chance to really get to understand cooking and improve my skills.  It takes a lot of extra time and effort and sometimes I wish I had more quick options but I like that I am enjoying real flavors more than I used to.

3 thoughts on “Fresh Tomato Sauce Photos

  1. I’ve always wanted to make my own fresh sauce from scratch. Something about canned tomatoes and tomato sauce just doesn’t cut it for me anymore–they just taste like canned tomatoes, for lack of a better description. I may have to give this one a try if I ever get my hands on a lot of tomatoes!


    1. I agree about canned tomatoes…have you tried ones in glass? I think if you can try this you will love how full the flavor is. Even at a dollar per pound it is doable, I think!


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