Bountiful Baskets

Here in Las Vegas we have a number of locations for a grocery co-op of sorts, Bountiful Baskets.  To participate (as of writing this) you pay a basket fee and then purchase an organic or regular “basket” of 50% veggies, 50% fruit.  You don’t know what you’ll get, your money pools with others to purchase as if you were a grocery store.  I find that the mix of offerings tracks the sale flyer for Sunflower Farmer’s Market so the deal you’re getting isn’t really too good if you shop at Sunflower regularly.  Too often there’s corn, melon, or grapes in the mix so I have to give produce away when we participate, making it even less of a deal but the quality is good and you can choose to participate during weeks where you like the special offerings.

I did try an organic basket once and the quantity was not enough for our family for the week but if you are single it might be a great option because you can get through the produce before it gets bad.  So you order on Monday/Tuesday and then on Saturday very early in the morning you pick up your purchase from the location you’ve picked.  It is too early during the summer for us but I really liked the baskets around thanksgiving so I think I will be doing it again in the fall if none of the special offerings entice me until then.

You have to buy a basket to get the special offerings as ad-ons but it can still be worth it.  I luckily was able to recently split a 25 lb. box of organic roma tomatoes with a friend.  So for about $8 I got 12 1/2 lbs. of tomatoes!  I took a picture after I brought them home.  So pretty!  So you’ll be seeing the results of that “bounty” in the next few posts.  I made fresh pizza sauce, salsa, and of course tomato onion salad several times over.  So good and a lot of fun trying things I’d always wanted to do like making my own tomato sauce.

Here’s a picture after having used some to make tomato onion salad:

My husband remarked that we could have probably made our way through 25 lbs. in a week which I think says a lot about the versatility of tomatoes!

(An aside: I personally have had to stop eating tomatoes a while ago because I think R is allergic to them.  So the recipes and photos coming up with tomatoes are either from before I stopped or are being shared with the caveat that I can’t eat them anymore.   We’ll see what happens next on that front but though it is hard it is worth it if it helps him.)