Predictive Browser ABCs in Google Chrome

Inspired by Not Martha’s recent post where she typed a letter in her browser’s address bar and then copied down the choice it suggested just by that letter, here are the ABCs of websites I have in my browser (Google Chrome).  It is kind of fun to see what you end up with!

A – – an obvious vice of mine
B – – this shortens URLs so you don’t waste character counts in twitter
C – – even though this is in my feed reader I go on the main site a lot to look for favorite recipes
D – – state of Nevada department of personnel
E – – we’ve been selling a lot lately, yay!
F – – a lot of distant (geographically) relatives are on here
G – – my e-mail
H – – we keep up with one or two shows
I – – the local library
J – – mmmm. . .pens!
K – – I have never bought from the site but I check what they have sometimes before going in the store
L – – the library again
M – – a neat way to be active in your community
N – – Nevada Supreme Court
P – – tied to ebay of course
Q – – was looking at something a while ago I guess, my mom loves QVC
R – – a discussion board of sorts
S – – ebay again
T – – I love twitter, I always thought it was dumb until I actually signed up and now I get it
U – – for shipping aforementioned ebay items
V – – our new phone company
W – – source of (almost) all things allergen free
X – – the universal currency converter, have used this forever
Y- – I post things here sometimes
Z – –  not accurate but interesting place to check house prices/values
What are your ABCs?

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