In Which I Admit to Having No Patience for Waiting to Give Gifts

E will be 3 in August, R will be 1 and yet I still have problems shopping early for their birthdays.  Let me explain. . .no, let me sum up (shameless Princess Bride paraphrased reference!).  I just think that developmentally they change so quickly that to get them a gift in May or June and then withhold it until August is silly and makes the toy or book have a less useful period of, well, use.  Now it sounds like I spoil them but I like to nurture their creativity and interests and if I give them gifts, say, now, I wouldn’t give them extra later or anything like that.

Okay, so that is a really simple thing to write about but I just don’t get how people can buy a gift for their kid months and months in advance and not say “oh, what the heck” and give it to them right away.  My husband and I are early gift givers not so much because the recipient can’t wait but because we can’t wait to give the gift.  I have already given him his father’s day gift, actually!  I am thinking with E turning 3 I can’t get away with early gifts since she gets the whole anticipation for her birthday thing.

As for R, I am having trouble with gifts because we already have all sorts of E’s toys that he enjoys.  I see things I’d like to get for him but I don’t want him to only have a few months where he is really into them.  Then there are the gifts I get them based on what I like and that gets dangerous.  I have to hold back from buying more Duplo (toddler Lego) for example.  I went a little crazy with those and with the Fisher-Price Little People series of toys.

I read that the best birthday gift for a one year old was a box of tissues or a mylar balloon which I think is pretty spot on so I will be getting the kids balloons for sure.  It also solves my early gift giving problem since I can’t get them too much in advance!  Yay, problem (partially) solved!

7 thoughts on “In Which I Admit to Having No Patience for Waiting to Give Gifts

  1. I’m the exact same way. I don’t think Amelia opened any gift from us on her birthday, I just gave them to her as we got them…she probably gets a “gift” every month, and then hardly anything on the actual holidays. I think opening presents is still a bit of a mystery – she doesn’t really enjoy the process yet.

    A box of tissues is a good idea for a one year old. I actually made Amelia one with fabric in it that she adored:


    1. I love that idea! I will totally do that!

      On mother’s day E started to understand wrapped gifts so in a few months Amelia might as well. 🙂


  2. I know what you mean. But the funny thing about little kids is that everything is a gift to them. I put stuff away for awhile (toy rotation) and when items come back out, a few at a time (while others go away) they play with them much more eagerly. This also cuts down on the Nothing To Do paradox that happens when kids have lots of playthings but no longer are inspired by them.

    I also give gifts that are cobbled together play sets, most of the items not new at all. For example, an “office” play set might have post-it notes, an old cell phone (or better yet, an old rotary phone),a pencil, a tape dispenser (little kids ADORE tape), a cheap calculator, an old address book, all tucked in a used briefcase or laptop. When the office playset isn’t exciting, I put it away and get out another set.


    1. I love your use of the word “inspired.” I really want to inspire creativity and play, not just entertain them. People joke about cardboard boxes but it is true, kids often would rather have the box a toy came in. I think the theme idea is great! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!


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