Diary of a Worm and Click Clack Moo

In my quest for fun science books I found this one by the authors of one of our favorite read-aloud books for E, Doreen Cronin.  She wrote “Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type.”

“Diary of a Worm” (amazon affiliate link) by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Harry Bliss is the first in a series of “Diary of…” books.  I decided to get this for a friend’s little boy’s birthday because I know it is important to encourage boys as well as girls with books and they tend to like things that skew more to the non-fiction side.  Real information about worms is mixed in with some cute gags.  The worm gets in trouble for eating his own homework and he makes macaroni necklaces at school which the family then eats (the necklaces are just single pieces of macaroni that the worms stick their heads through – adorable!).  Worm has a friend, spider, and that is who the second book is about but I have yet to check it out.  E likes this and the next book a lot.

“Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type”  (amazon affiliate link) is by Doreen Cronin with pictures by Betsey Lewin.  The cows decide to type demands to the farmer and in the process go on a milk strike.  One of the best lines states that “Duck was a neutral party” as he waddles over to give the farmer the cow’s proposal that they will trade the typewriters for electric blankets because they are cold.  I am sure my Labor Law professor would like this one!

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