Tomatoes and Their Roots

The other day I was pruning our tomato plant and my mother in law suggested putting some of the trimmings in a glass with water to grow new roots.  What a great chance to illustrate roots to E, I thought.  Here are some pictures of how they have thrived.  I know that you can sprout beans, I remember doing it in school, but this is kind of neat because it ties to our particular garden outside.

Plus, they look really cool!

We picked one of our first tomatoes from the garden around May 12th, I say one of them since the very first one was an early ripened one that had some bottom rot.  No problem with that for this one and we all enjoyed some slices with a little salt.

Tomato, pre-devouring sharing.

(I shared this post on No Time for Flashcard’s Link & Learn – it is an awesome site by the way with great ideas for learning activities even for the littlest kids!)

3 thoughts on “Tomatoes and Their Roots

  1. Jealous. Next year I’m going to get off my butt and get some veggies planted!

    Do you guys like to eat sprouts (various bean, alfalfa, clover, broccoli…)? They are really easy and fun to sprout as well. And then you get to eat them.


    1. We’re about to have TONS of cherry tomatoes, I will have to share some! You had a lot come up around planting time, maybe you can do some winter crops? I’m tempted to try some lettuces this year.

      I haven’t tried sprouts in ages, I remember my brother used to eat them when we were kids. I will have to try that.


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