Playing Together

The other day we were all together (my husband, myself, R, and E) and E ran off to play in R’s room.  He started scooting down the hall after her, calling out in little yelps as if to say “I’m coming!”  Distracted by the open bathroom door by his room he scooted in there, still calling to E.  She appeared and went in as well, at this point I savored that they were off together but knew I had better get in there fast before he pulled up on the tub.  Sure enough, I came upon them standing over the tub and E was handing him toys to throw in.  After I relocated them to R’s room they played for a good number of minutes together.  My husband and I savored the moment, it was pretty awesome.  E would have never left my side at 9 months, she wouldn’t even let me cook without hanging on my legs when she was almost 2, but there they were playing together.

Yup, pretty awesome.

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