E’s Goodnight

Adding this to the list of things I don’t want to forget, my daughter’s way of saying goodnight to me.


Have it good day ah bed
Loh you too
Mebbe R Deep?
Dee you inside mornie


Have a good day at bed (a variant of “have a good day at work,” also she says “have it” about a lot of things lately)

Love you too (she says this even if she’s the first to say I love you)

Maybe R will sleep? (I guess she listens more to what I say to my husband than I thought)

See you in the morning (I love that she says inside instead of in, so cute)

She also responds to “Good Night” with “Good Morning” and says Thank You and You’re Welcome all at once: “Tan you, Woh me.”


I do try to savor the little things about my children in their baby and toddlerhood, my husband and I talk sometimes about how maybe we shouldn’t hurry through it but I think when you’re tired and frazzled you do want your children to grow up to more independence.  E already says “Oh My Goodness” differently than she did when I started blogging a few months ago, it makes me a little sad but time passes as it does, we just perceive things we enjoy as going too fast and the difficult stuff as too slow.

I know I will miss R’s frantic hand-clapping when he is happy or about to do something he knows he shouldn’t do but that will make him happy.  I know I will miss E’s words and her way of running like the wind (you run while breathing loudly).   I will certainly miss E’s way of saying goodnight but there have always been neat things ahead and I know there will be other wonderful things yet to come.