Jim Gill Family Concert

On the 12th of May we got to see the singer of some of E’s favorite songs from story time, Jim Gill (amazon affiliate link to his CDs), at the Sahara Library.  It was a long drive for us but totally worth it.  Mr. Gill greeted us as we came in and was really engaging and friendly.  The concert was great, even R had a blast clapping and dancing with me to the songs.

I took the photo with my phone but it gives you an idea of the nice space they have for gatherings like this at Sahara Library.  I took a little video, I put it below (he’s singing “Stick to The Glue” to the tune of “Skip to My Lou” (I just had to google how to spell “Lou” because I always thought it was “Loo” as in bathroom, ha!) .  They also have an area where you can eat inside before going into the actual library which my friend and I agreed was really nice, especially in the summer.  Sahara Library also has an awesome children’s library with puzzles and space to play and be a little bit noisy.

R scooted around happily on his bottom as he tends to do of late and I certainly let him move more freely than I did with E at this age.  He is very social with other little kids right now and loves to watch older kids run around.  E is getting better and better about initiating play with children she doesn’t know, I’m so proud of her.

But I digress, the concert was great, I know this sounds funny but Jim Gill is better live than on CD.  I know some children’s music is harder to hear live but I felt like more melody came through as he encouraged us to sing along, especially with the song “I Took a Bath in the Washing Machine.”  Last year we got to see Eric Herman of The Elephant Song fame and I missed the visuals of his music video when he sang but maybe E was just too little then.