Maori Dancers

On May 11th, right after my mother’s day gift (which was great, I will write about it later!), we went to the Clark County library on Flamingo and saw Maori dancers from New Zealand (Wikipedia article). I love to take part in these free library events because they help teach the kids how to be a good audience and they expose them to other cultures. Two years back E and I saw Native American Hoop dancers and it was neat to see R watching the performance at almost the same age she was then.

Before the show started E talked with some soon to be first graders in front of her, three girls that were gushing about their own baby siblings.  Each one had a younger brother or sister, E proclaimed that R was “my R” which I love.  R did get a little fussy and E only lasted 45 minutes but it was really interesting and I got a little (fuzzy) video.  I would love to see New Zealand someday, I find it so fascinating to learn about other countries’ native cultures.

The performers did a fantastic job of involving the audience!