Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

On Saturday we took advantage of free museum weekend  (for BofA cardholders) and went with Grandma and my older sister to the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum.  R loved the “baby oasis” this time and he and I spent most of the time there and E is more and more into the exhibits each time we go.  It is neat to see the progression of her interests.  I think we will spring for a membership when she’s a little older.  The pictures I took all have the kids in them so no photos this time.

R loved the doors he could open and close in the baby area (for kids zero to eighteen months), anyone know of toys that take advantage of the impulse to slam cupboard doors?  Lately he loves E’s play kitchen for that reason but he may shorten the life of it.  I love seeing him get excited, he’s 9 months old now and I remember this is when it really started to get good for E.  Maybe it takes 9 months to adjust to the world?  He’s scooting everywhere and would rather cruise than crawl but with his faster scooting it is fun to see him get across a room to demolish some lego structure he’s noticed.

E played with the water area and the bubbles a lot, she also had fun on the pretend airplane and bag check area.  I wasn’t with her for most of the outing as I was watching R but all reports were that she had a good time.

I suppose I shouldn’t end on this but Grandma, my husband, and the kids went into the museum first while I went over to the library next door to renew my library card (you have to renew in person every year or it won’t let you use the online reserve system) and my sister renewed hers as well and headed to the museum while I grabbed some items on hold.  When I got to the museum my sister was at the ticket counter and told me that they wouldn’t let her purchase an admission because she had no children with her.  In her words, “they think I’m some creepy person.”

It was then that I realized I was in the same pickle.  They wouldn’t let me in either.  I tried describing my family, the kids, the stroller, etc. to let them know my sister and I did belong to some children but it wasn’t until I called my husband and had him come back with E that they let us get into the museum.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing.  I understand the need for safety but to exclude someone from checking out a local museum just because they don’t have a child with them would exclude a parent or teacher trying to preview the museum, right?  Also, that doesn’t negate that people should watch their kids and any suspicious activity inside the museum.  So you are warned, if you are meeting friends or family don’t let them go in the museum ahead of you or you won’t be allowed admission.  Never a nice feeling to be viewed as dishonest or creepy!

Luckily we had a nice time after all that rigmarole.

4 thoughts on “Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

  1. Really interesting about the children’s museum no-kids admission policy. I know the Exploaratorium in San Francisco was on our must-see list for our honeymoon. It’s a kids’ science museum that I had wanted to visit since I was about 10 years old because I’m a science geek. I felt a little weird going without kids, but it was still really interesting and fun. Nobody blinked twice about letting us in.

    There have got to be more people out there like that, or like you mention parents or teachers previewing, than weirdos. Maybe they had one or more incidents with creepy people with no kids purchasing admission just to, well, act creepy. But I would think the free library right next door would be more promising for those types of people.


    1. I love the Exploratorium! I still am puzzled by what happened and could find nothing about it as a policy online. Not sure if I should write a letter to them. If it truly is their rule it should be posted.


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