“S” Snakes

This is by no means a crafting blog but I am trying to improve my sewing in anticipation of one day making a quilt and I also want to teach my kids how fun thinking of and making a gift can be so E and I worked on snakes for her friend’s birthday present.  We initially were making a model out of Model Magic (amazon affiliate link, I use this to make handprint impressions usually, it lets you roll and re roll until you are happy with the result and then you just let it dry for three days) but while she had fun it wasn’t really something you would give to a 2 year old on her birthday so we decided to go the cute and cuddly route.

I had flannel fat quarters so I folded them in half, cut an “S” shape through the two layers with my rotary cutter (a gift from my mother in law), sewed the eyes and tongue on so that they could actually look like the letter “S” when finished and sewed the two pieces together inside out, leaving a large enough opening to turn the cloth right side out for filling with poly fill pellets.  We did a total of 4 snakes and the results weren’t perfect but they were cute.  If I was starting over again I’d use different fabric, the flannel came apart in some areas from the pressure of turning the cloth around and stuffing it and I just couldn’t get the snakes to close up without looking pretty stitched together.  I tried several different closure spots (side, head, etc.) and liked closing the face best.

E cut the ribbon for the tongues and helped fill them with pellets.  The girls had fun at the park pushing their snakes down the slide.  I made the first one (not pictured, it was green) for R and it is much larger and has cloth eyes but I figured the girls could handle button eyes.  The first thing E’s friend did was swing it around by the tongue so I would reinforce that area even moreso if I was doing it again.

I am learning most of all that maybe my sewing has to take a backseat until R is a little older and more patient with me.

Aren’t they cute?

3 thoughts on ““S” Snakes

  1. They are adorable! And Amelia loves her snake! It often ends up in bed with her. I think the swinging by the tongue thing is over, because she hasn’t done it again (although she does carry the snake around by the tongue). It’s holding up great!


    1. Oh that is nice, thank you! I told E we were going to her birthday party next week and she started looking for her snake. Looking forward to it!


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