“Animal” Crackers from Peas and Thank You

I was giddy when I checked Google Reader and found this post by “Mama Pea” at Peas and Thank You, a blog I follow by a fellow lawyer/mom/vegan.  She made crackers/cookies to be like animal crackers but in veggie shapes and with minor substitutions they would be safe for E.  I went onto Amazon.com asap to purchase the adorable cutters (affiliate link) since they were so cute.

So what did I do differently than the recipe?

  • I swapped margarine for canola oil,
  • changed oat flour (E is specifically allergic to oats) for Cybele Pascal’s bread flour mix (you can find the mix written out here in her tortilla recipe, it is also in her book, amazon affiliate link),
  • ended up increasing the flour substitution for the oat flour to one cup or so because the consistency didn’t feel right based on the detailed photos on the Peas and Thank You page, and
  • not only cooked them 4 minutes longer,
  • I flipped them over during minute 9.

Ok, that was a rambling mess but most people could make the recipe as is if there’s no corn allergy or oat allergy to contend with.  The carrot cutter just didn’t work out, probably because I forgot to flour it the first time I used it but I had great luck with the tomato cutter.

The cutters are pricey (over $14 when I ordered them) but they are adorable and E just loves having things like allergen free tortillas and biscuits in fun shapes.  We often use a gingerbread man cutter and she calls it her “ginger man” when I cut anything that way.

Another recipe I love from Peas and Thank You is this one, it turned out great but I have yet to make it again.  It is a good blog to follow because you never know when you’ll find something you can adapt!

Above from left top, going clockwise, tomato shape, pea shape, eggplant shape, radish shape, and artichoke shape.

These got firmer as they cooled and R loves them as well as the rest of us!  They really remind me of those little animal crackers kids get in those boxes.  I am so glad he can have a treat that I feel is safe for him as well though we haven’t done any food challenges yet.  I have to get around to writing about his appointment with the allergist but for now I’ll just say the doctor didn’t want to test him.

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