Modern Milestone

I just had to laugh at this. . .

I was renewing library books online at the LVCCLD website and E was sitting in my lap eating some Rice Chex* when she suddenly looked up and exclaimed “get Dinderedda boo!” (get a Cinderella book!)  So she recognized the library website and knew I could request books there.

Some things getting renewed: They Might Be Giants’ Here Come the ABCs (amazon affiliate link) and Here Come the 123s (amazon affiliate link) as well as Tortuga in Trouble (a favorite of E’s friend A, amazon affiliate link).

*One of the only safe cereals though I hear rumors that Kellogg’s Rice Krispies are going gluten free AND eliminating corn syrup which would be great since our usual puffed rice cereal is by Attune and is very expensive, ok, now I’ve gone off on a tangent, I will make this a footnote.

5 thoughts on “Modern Milestone

  1. Cool! There’s a long time-delay there too – between requesting the books and getting them. Smart kid!

    We like the They Might Be Giants kids’ stuff too. Amelia still calls the letter ‘G’ “Go go for G.” So we’ll see a letter G somewhere and she’ll yell “there’s a Go go for G!”

    If you haven’t already, check out their Here Comes Science CD too. Amelia is starting to sing Electric Car from that album all on her own. My favorite is I Am A Paleontologist (duh).


    1. He picks up at the Las Vegas library downtown and I swear they are faster at getting requests than the Clark County location. I have never gone in actually except when I go in the wrong entrance for the science museum!

      I loved the letter V song and the “QU” song gets stuck in my head all the time. So cute about “G.” I liked the science CD but we checked it out ages ago so I think E might be ready to try it again. I liked “Science is Real.” 🙂


      1. Las Vegas used to be the headquarters of the library district – most all requested items went through there first, so it makes sense that you’d get them faster.

        The new Windmill library will be the new processing center – so I don’t know that Las Vegas will be faster for much longer….

        I like Science is Real too….and What is a Shooting Star? (Amelia sings “why does it shine so bright? The friction as it falls from air, produces heat and light” no, she doesn’t get it…but it’s funny to hear such a little kid singing it), and Roy G. Biv (Amelia calls that song “Colorful Man Song”…I can’t help but wonder if the song has a bit of “gay pride” in it, not that I mind.)


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