Dream Walkin’

Ok, first I have to link to the song the title of this post is referencing, Toby Keith’s Dream Walkin’ – the video is a pretty vivid memory of mine.  I remember the spring we were waiting to move up to Alaska my Mom moved up there early and we’d sold the house so we house sat for a couple my parents knew and they had some sort of country video station that was almost the only TV channel that worked.  It was the spring of my country music education, but I digress.

So, E has been known to do a little sleep walking, she also talks in her sleep (don’t we all sometimes?).  My husband looks after her at night while I look after R, it is a good setup so one kid doesn’t disturb the other.  He came to me as I was playing with R (far too early for him to be awake but ah well) and E was still sleeping to let me know E had taken her shirt off in the night.  Yup, she sat up and took her shirt off and was back asleep.  We speculated that she had changed so many times the day before at the Egg Hunt (from her dress to her swim suit to regular clothes to her swim suit, etc. etc.) that she was in shirt removal mode.

When she finally woke up the first thing she said to my husband was “bean dip!” so I asked her if she dreamt about bean dip and she announced that there had been yellow bean dip on her shirt and that was why she took it off.  She also told me she kept her pants on because there was no bean dip there.

It may be one of those stories that only we find amusing but I had to get it written down.

(On the subject of walking, R has been more interested in cruising than crawling, he’s great at pulling himself up and is starting to walk little bits but he keeps wanting to stand freely.  I don’t know why he just doesn’t want to crawl but it may be because he sees his sister walking?)